Crazy Snowboard

Crazy Snowboard 3.0.9

High octane winter sports game for iOS


  • Great graphics
  • Different game modes
  • Straightforward controls


  • Lack of realistic courses


Crazy Snowboard is a fast-paced 3D snowboarding game for Android, with impressive graphics and fun gameplay.

There are two main game modes in Crazy Snowboard: Free Ride and Missions. Free Ride offers you the chance to board down four different courses, including a normal one, a Christmas land, a haunted slope, and a grinding session. Each of these slopes presents different obstacles, whether it be jumping Christmas trees, dodging zombies or grinding along candy canes. The aim of these Free Ride courses in Crazy Snowboard is to score as many points as you can.

The missions in Crazy Snowboard (of which there are more than 30) allow you to earn virtual game money, which you can exchange for new riders, new boards, or new tricks.

Controlling your rider in Crazy Snowboard is very simple. You steer by tilting your phone from side to side, and execute grabs and spins using the left and right control pads that appear when you gain air. Be careful with the landing because, annoyingly, your rider won't automatically reposition himself after a spin.

Crazy Snowboard's 3D graphics are pretty good. The animation is slick and some of the backdrops look great. It's just a shame that there aren't a few more 'realistic' courses in the game, for the snowboarding purists out there.

As winter sports games go, Crazy Snowboard is currently one of the best available for iOS devices at the moment.

Crazy Snowboard


Crazy Snowboard 3.0.9

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